HSV : Type1 and Type2 -
Do you aware how many types do have herpes infection or herpes has been categorised into how many categories? If your answer is two types, you’re right. There are two main kinds of herpes sickness exist like herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV type 1) and herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV type 2). HSV1 generally leads to oral form of herpes ailment. Oral herpes usually influences oral portions of the body such as tongue, cheek, eye, mouth and lips. When Herpes simplex virus 2 influences eye part then this is named herpes keratitis. Though, the sickness of herpes keratitis is enormously rare though can influence any person at any age. As far as the query of Herpes simplex virus 2 or HSV types 2 is concerned, virus generally cause the development of genital herpes but sometimes it can also cause oral herpes. HSV type 2 commonly influence genital portion like penis, urethra, vagina, anus, buttock & anal area. Genital herpes may or may not cause or any types of signs & symptoms. Neither herpes simplex virus 1 nor herpes simplex virus 2 can be get healed although, there are several treatment options you can follow for better healing the malady of herpes ailment.

How Do You Get Herpes
Do you know the answer of the question “How do you get herpes”? Well if you do not know the answer of this question then i’ll share you the numbers of answer that may lead to the evolvement of herpes ailment. Herpes simplex virus is the main reason for the condition of herpes ailment. If you’re tackling with herpes ailment then you’re definitely get exposed with herpes virus. Mainly skin to skin contact is the primary reason for the evolvment of herpes disease. If you’re coping with genital herpes then havig sex, anal type of sex or oral sex could be the main causes} for your sickness. Kissing is the primary reasons of the occurrence of herpes infection. A baby can catch illness from their mother. If you come into contact with any kind of secretion which might carry herpes virus then you may develop such condition. Touching any body parts that exposed with herpes virus then you will definitely receive this sickness. Many people may also get this sickness if they pursue contaminated or infected towel. Going for infected toothbrush, lipstick, comb or any other thing which might have influenced from this virus then you this may lead to the occurrence of herpes malady. So above is the answer of your question “How do you get herpes”.