Best and Easy Natural Herpes Cure

Information Source: CNN

Many people ask the question when they will get herpes cure.

Well the answer of the question is very complicated. Because many paramedical companies are claiming that they found the permanent and natural herpes cure and other are claiming that there is no cure for herpes. Still scientists are checking the cure which companies are providing is the cure is real of they are just faking the public.

Why companies are just faking people.
As herpes is a very big market for paramedical companies because one in 6 people have herpes virus. And most of them who are diagnosed are looking for the herpes cure. The paramedical companies are taking disadvantage of it by selling some suppressive pills which are:
These drugs are just suppressive ways they cant treat the virus they just treat the symptoms of the herpes virus and also long term use of these drugs is very harmful.
Now the last question people asked, we found many people claiming that they get rid of herpes completely?
Yes, actually I also see many people claiming that they cured herpes by some treatments like one of them is herpescure9 this company claims that they cure herpes by just using some natural remedies without any harmful pills. They are not selling anything and many people in their testimonials are also claiming that they get rid of herpes by using their treatments. Also they are showing the diagnosis reports. Scientists are also working on their treatment to know the treatment they are providing is real or fake.